Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay, so you’ve all been waiting to hear how Saturday went. Well, it didn’t really “go” at all. :) Turns out not too many people were interested in handmade baby items. Sold about half my breads and rolls which was fine with me. (I was kind of hoping I’d have some for the freezer). It was a fun way to spend the afternoon though. We came to the conclusion it was the wrong demographic. And really, there were only a handful of venders, most of them fundraisers or politicians or free-bees. We’re doing an honest to goodness craft fair in November and expect to do much better at that one. We didn’t have to pay a booth fee for this one though, so it was a good trial run to figure out our displays.

baking 008

Jill did an awesome job on the signs. We had one in front of the table too.

baking 009

My side.

baking 010

Jill’s spread.

baking 011

Martinson girls table. They really did awesome considering how poorly Jill and I did. They’re hair stuff is so cute! It was fun seeing little girls wandering around all day with clips they had just bought in their hair.

baking 012

Prize for big spender of the day goes to Sarah! :)


  1. Sorry you didn't sell as much as you wanted but as you said, "it was a good trial run". You'll learn something from everything. I'm glad you had fun anyway. :) Send some rolls here if they don't fit in the freezer... *WINK*

  2. ok so I don't know how much sarah spent, but considering that Lindsey and Alyssa fleeced me before they went up I have to say that I may be in the running for that prize :) Everything looks adorable!


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