Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Purse

My sil-to-be found this pattern for me and I couldn’t wait to make one. The first one was for a friend willing to have a practice purse, second was for myself. Smile Aren’t I nice?

purse 002purse 005

Kara’s purse. I decided I didn’t like the dividers, they were a pain.

black purse 001black purse 005

This one is mine. But I have enough fabric for 2 more similar to it, so I’ll be making more!


  1. You are very talented. The purses are pretty, and functional. I was happy to get just a few things mended today - things that were in my mending basket so long the kids forgot they owned them!

  2. Great Job Micah! I love them.. they look so good!

  3. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE THEM BOTH... one day I'll get brave enough to try one!

  4. They turned out so nice- love the pattern and the chose of fabrics! Where'd you love to sew? DId you do it as a kid?

    PS- also love the pumpkin seeds and TP in the background, just normal things laying around the house, i know.

  5. Love it Sis!! You did a really great job. Who new all those sewing lessons would come in so handy.
    By the way, this is Natasha

  6. Thanks all! Yes, as a kid mom made sure my sister and I learned how to sew. Although I didn't appreciate it then I am "sew" (hehe) glad now. Yeah, I thought about cleaning up the table for the pictures, but thats life :)


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